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Senior school bursaries and scholarships

If your daughter is bright and keen, you and she should consider a GDST education. We do our best to make it open to all, regardless of financial circumstances.

As a charity, we seek out the brightest, most deserving girls for bursaries and scholarships. In particular, we focus as much as we can on girls for whom an education with us would be a transformative, life-changing prospect.

Successful applicants enter a richly diverse environment. Our girls have a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures – but what they have in common are levels of aptitude and commitment that are second to none. We help them fulfil their potential as confident, composed, courageous and successful women of tomorrow.

Overall, nearly 20% of students at GDST senior schools receive a bursary or scholarship to help towards their fees. This amounted to over £10.5m last year.


While scholarships are awarded only on the basis of academic merit, bursaries also take into account the income and financial resources of pupils’ families. About 20% of girls at GDST senior schools receive a bursary or a scholarship to help towards their fees.

The maximum value of the bursary can be the full fee, but such awards are rare. The value will depend upon local demand, upon available funding, and upon the means of the prospective pupil’s family.

If you are interested in a bursary, please contact the Head of the school in which you are interested. The application needs to take place in the Autumn term preceding entry.


A scholarship is awarded on academic merit, as measured in a competitive entrance examination and irrespective of financial means. The value of scholarships varies, but most scholarships are small and are more about the honour of the award than the amount. However, a scholarship can be supplemented by a bursary. 

Find out more about bursaries and scholarships

Get in touch with the GDST school to which you are considering applying. You can search for all our school contact details here.