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Salaries and benefits

Teachers' salaries and pay scales 

The GDST teachers' pay structure is similar to that within the maintained sector. However, the maintained sector scale points are regarded as the mimimum within the GDST, where we operate a system that sees a greater differential and offers more opportunity for pay progression.

All our teachers are able to progress to the equivalent of U1 (beyond the threshold) and there is an extended discretionary pay scale above that. In fact, more than 63% of our teachers are already on the extended scale.

Additional financial incentives are offered to London-based staff and may also be available for shortage subject teachers. 

Teachers’ pay is currently under review and new pay bands may be effective from 1 September 2015. 

GDST Teachers' Pay 2014/15

Support staff salaries

The GDST has its own pay and grading structure for support staff, based on a job evaluation system. GDST pay bands apply and offer attractive salaries compared with like jobs in the local market. The GDST is proud to pay the Living Wage as a minimum rate. In most cases, new staff will be recruited below the mid-point of the pay band for the grade. Pay increases and pay progression are discretionary, based on individual performance.

Support Staff Pay 2014/15

Training and professional development 

Regular review and professional development are an essential part of the GDST's programme. As well as the INSET programme offered by each school, GDST-funded training grants and interest-free training loans are available to support individual courses of study. 

The GDST also runs a highly regarded central training and development programme that is open to all staff, both teaching and support. There is a supportive appraisal system in place for all staff, and our own Portal (intranet) gives the opportunity for discussion and exchange of information with colleagues in other schools throughout the GDST.