Diversity, inclusion, meaningful change

Statement from GDST Chief Executive Cheryl Giovannoni

GDST school communities are based on an ethos of mutual respect and consideration. We are committed to providing a safe and inspiring learning environment for each and every student in each and every one of our schools.

At the GDST, we pride ourselves on our deeply held beliefs, born of the vision of four uncompromising women who refused to accept that girls should not be educated in the same way as boys. We remain proud of our mission to help girls learn without limits. We want to continue building a diverse, inclusive environment, and we are working tirelessly to ensure as many girls as possible can benefit from a GDST education. But we know that gender justice cannot be achieved without racial justice, and we recognise that there is still much more to do in both respects.

What I want to do is to demonstrate HOW we will make sure the GDST family always embodies an ethos of mutual respect and consideration; HOW we provide a safe, open and respectful working and learning environment for all; and HOW we will make sure everyone’s voice is heard as we seek to make meaningful change happen.

We are forming a steering committee to work on a GDST Charter for Action. This committee will be drawn from across the GDST and will involve students and alumnae as well as staff and senior leaders. We will ensure that staff, students, alumnae and parents all have an opportunity to influence and contribute to our goals and commitments before they are finalised.

Speaking out about racism is key to tackling it, and we welcome conversations with our alumnae and with the students in our schools about this issue.

We are unequivocal – racism cannot be tolerated. GDST schools strive to be inclusive environments in which the wellbeing of every young person comes first, and where every girl – no matter her background – can learn without limits.


If you are a GDST student, parent or alumna, and you would like to contribute to this important conversation, please get in touch with us. There’s a form below:


GDST Charter for Action - Your Feedback

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