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The GDST is governed by the Council of the Trust, our Senior Management Team (SMT) and School Governing Boards.

The Council of the Trust – comprising our Trustees – has overall responsibility for running the organisation. It oversees strategy, financial stability, policies and procedures and monitors our key performance indicators. Committees for audit, investments, estates, senior appointments and remuneration report to this Council.

The day-to-day management of the Trust is the responsibility of the Chief Executive and the SMT. They are in regular contact with our 23 schools and two academies, and the heads of our schools report to the Chief Executive.

Each of our schools has its own Governing Board whose members support and challenge their heads and provide vital links to local communities.

The GDST Academy Trust is responsible for our two academies. The GDST appoints the majority of the members of the GDST Academy Trust Board, and it is chaired by a GDST Council Member. Other members are drawn from the HSBC Education Programme (our co-sponsors of The Belvedere Academy) and the Chairmen of the Academies’ local governing boards.