Limitless Learning — Year 11s

An exciting programme of study


As part our Guided Home Learning offer, the GDST is providing an exciting programme of study and enrichment for Year 11 students.

We want to keep our young women engaged and firmly focused on their bright futures, despite the cancellation of their GCSEs. With subjects spanning academic study, careers, mental health, leadership and life skills, we are confident that our Limitless Learning programme gives Year 11 GDST girls a great head start.

Throughout their study, we want them to grow in confidence, develop greater self-awareness and engage with work that builds on their GCSEs syllabus. We are also preparing them for Sixth Form life by starting the post-16 syllabus, teaching independent study skills, and participating in some exciting enrichment activities.

A family of 25 schools

As a family of 25 schools across England and Wales, we support collaboration between staff ans students, and the Design Thinking Course and TED Ed Student Talks reflect this. Both courses involved working with students in schools across the GDST; Design Thinking looks at conceiving and developing innovative solutions to Real World problems, whilst the TED Ed Student Talks series encourages students to share their experiences of learning during lockdown, celebrating their achievements, and, in the spirit of TED Talks, recognising that all GDST girls have ideas worth sharing.

It is important to acknowledge the importance of safeguarding both our physical and our mental health during these unprecedented circumstances; with this in mind, we partnered with the Positive Project to provide wellbeing support and activities for students and parents alike.

We are confident that our Limitless Learning Programme will futureproof our Year 11 students and prepare them for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead of them when they begin Sixth Form.

A family of schools

23 independent schools and two academies in England and Wales

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