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The GDST is working with the social learning provider FutureLearn, to create online courses. We are the only school organisation to have partnered with FutureLearn, offering us a unique opportunity to share our expertise with learners from across the world. Over the last three years, our courses have reached over 20,000 learners in over 150 countries.

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Educating Girls: Teaching Approaches to Helping Girls Thrive

As experts in girls’ education, we recognise that girls and boys can learn differently for a variety of reasons.

In this course you will learn practical ways to enhance the quality of learning for girls by examining different aspects of teaching that are ‘girl-friendly’ according to research and experience.

The course aims to start a conversation between teachers about the teaching approaches that best help girls succeed in school and beyond.

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Digital Skills for Teachers: Making Technology Work for You

Currently UK employers are struggling to fill 43 per cent of science, technology, engineering and maths-related vacancies (New Statesman).

To close this digital skills gap in the future we need teachers with a good knowledge of digital technology who can equip students with the skills needed in today’s world.

On this course you will build your knowledge of digital tools and your confidence in using them. You will investigate gaps in your own skill set and learn how to close them. You should leave the course newly empowered to use digital technology in your classroom.

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