Dr Kevin Stannard, MA PhD., Director of Innovation and Learning at the GDST

  • Gender affects the way that students experience education
  • Girls face pressures to conform to gender stereotypes – pressures which are stronger in the presence of boys
  • Girls need and deserve space in which to develop their full potential, and to make informed and unconstrained choices about interests, subjects and careers
  • In girls-only schools their needs and preferences can be fully accommodated within a dedicated learning environment
  • Successful girls’ schools are those in which a dedication to girls’ education is reflected in their physical design, curriculum and co-curriculum offer, teaching and learning approaches, and in their whole-school culture
  • Today’s girls’ schools serve to subvert, rather than support, gender stereotypes and a priori assumptions, by offering an education designed for and dedicated to the development and empowerment of successful, confident and adventurous girls.


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