150 Years of GDST: How we’re continuing to help girls learn without limits

In 2022, the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) turned 150 years old.

Throughout the upcoming academic year, we’ll be celebrating the founding ethos of our Trust, and the exciting future that lies ahead of us. Follow the activity across our social media channels via #GDST150. 

Remembering school years past and present

Girls from Reception to Sixth Form, and our alumnae community, have offered their thoughts on the importance of girls’ education in 2022. The ongoing need for female empowerment and education sits at the heart of our mission. Here are our community’s comments:

Others reflected on the most important thing a GDST education gave to them. From “perspectives, confidence, knowledge with which to grab life with both hands” to “the ability to believe I can do anything”, the influence of their school years reverberates through the entire lives of GDST girls and women.

What exactly what makes a GDST girl so special? We received many inspiring answers to this question when we asked our alumnae and current pupils to share their thoughts.

From “a girl, living and learning without limits” to “someone with the courage to be herself” – a GDST girl is many things; but, above all, she’s an empowered individual.

The GDST: Educating girls for 150 years

Our history of 150 years of girls’ education is still being written. Our schools, pupils, alumnae and staff continue to push the boundaries of the power of female education. In another 150 years, we’ll still be leaders in helping girls to learn without limits.