Blackheath High alumnae find success as comedy duo

Blackheath High School

SOMETIMES powerful friendships are formed in the most unexpected places. This rings true for Joanna Carolan and Pascale Wilson who…

Sheffield Girls’ ‘stand-up to stand-out’

Sheffield Girls'

At Sheffield Girls’, our students set themselves apart, not just by their incredible academic and co-curricular achievements, but also by…

From small things, greatness at Wimbledon High

Wimbledon High School

‘Ex humilibus, excelsa’ or ‘from small things, greatness’, Wimbledon High School’s motto is not only the chosen name for the…

2019: Olivia Colman CBE, Norwich High School, Oscar and BAFTA-winning actor

Alumna of the Year 2019

By GDST Norwich High School for Girls

Alumna of the Year 2019 We are delighted to announce that Oscar and BAFTA-winning actor, Olivia Colman, CBE, is our…

Are you connecting via Northwood College Connect?

Northwood College for Girls

Earlier this year we were delighted to launch our dedicated online platform – NWC Connect – to all Northwood College…

Highlights from the GDST Summit 2019

cheryl giovannoni gdst

New Rules – Preparing young women for a world of radical change

Why new rules? Because it’s increasingly clear that the old rules just aren’t working for most of us. What sort…

jane prescott portsmouth GDST

Talking Heads: Portsmouth High School

Jane Prescott is Headmistress at Portsmouth High School. She shares her views on education, the GDST and offers advice for…

School should be a pause button for fast-paced pupils’

By Kevin Stannard

Social media doesn’t allow time for reflection – schools need to insert this into pupils’ lives, says Kevin Stannard  …

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