A-level 2021 – Bright Futures for Bromley High girls

Bromley High School‘s Upper Sixth receiving excellent grades this year which reflected Bromley High’s traditionally high A-level standards.

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“We are absolutely delighted by the outstanding achievement of our A level students this year”, said Angela Drew, Headmistress. “These brilliant results are so well deserved. They are a testament to the dedication and expertise of our teachers, the excellence of our provision for online learning and, most of all, the determination of an intellectually gifted year group to continue to excel in the face of the extraordinary challenges of the past 18 months.”


“We are absolutely delighted by the outstanding achievement of our A level students this year. “These brilliant results are so well deserved.”


This year’s Upper Sixth have the brightest of futures ahead of them. Bromley High’s traditional strengths in STEM subjects are well represented in the numbers of students winning sought after places at highly selective universities to study Medicine, Dentistry, Computer Science and Biology and the breadth of our A-level curriculum is reflected by those girls electing to study Art, Music, Film, Photography, Fashion and Performing Arts.

Oxford, St Andrews, UCL, King’s, Durham, Manchester, Exeter, Warwick, Leeds and Edinburgh were all popular university choices this year with students also winning places at prestigious institutions abroad such as the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and Georgetown in the USA.

Sophia Short, winner of the Bromley High School Steinway Competition in 2020, and Ellen Millwood, House Captain, will be joining Oxford University to study Music and Spanish respectively.

“Without the opportunities Bromley High provided, I wouldn’t have been able to get an offer from such a prestigious university where I am delighted to be continuing my education. I will always be immensely grateful to the school for their continued support throughout the past ten years of my education and especially in their role in helping to secure my offer” says Sophia. Meanwhile a delighted Ellen says “I have been able to achieve a life-long dream with the support from my teachers. I am immensely grateful for everything the school has done.”

Kessley Janvier, will be studying at top US university Georgetown in Washington.  She follows in the footsteps of previous successful Sixth Formers who chose to study at other top US universities including Princeton, Yale and Rice.  “I found that Georgetown’s unique course in Biology of Global Health was perfect given my interest in biology and politics. Georgetown’s high academic rigour coupled with its location in the US capital of Washington D.C. made it the ideal university for me”, said Kessley.

Sara Schneidermann will study Liberal Arts and Sciences at Leiden University in The Netherlands.  “I grew up in Brussels studying at a local French school and an international school, where I met people from all over the world.  I wanted to have this experience reflected in my university studies, which is why I chose a European university,” said Sara.  “My chosen course at Leiden is considered one of the best taught in English in the Netherlands.”