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Should we divorce A levels from university admissions?

Should we divorce A levels from university admissions asks Kevin Stannard, Director of Innovation and Learning at the GDST

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Historian, writer and broadcaster, David Olusoga, told a GDST audience of thousands that Black British history didn’t exist when he was at school.

‘Listen to your children. Label, identify and validate what they are feeling.’

South Hampstead Alumna and Chair of the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development Professor Abi Gewirtz kicked off the…

‘No action is too small’

Anti-racism consultant Destine Lord spoke at the third GDST Talks event, advising parents on how to empower their children to address racism.

Why we should prepare for another exams U-turn

The different approaches being taken to exams in 2021 by the home nations make the results incomparable, warns Kevin Stannard.

We need to hear bold, loud and assertive women,’ former Obama White House adviser tells GDST audience

The GDST Talks series continued with Dr Marisa Porges talking about her book, What Girls Need: How to Raise Bold, Courageous, and Resilient Women.

There’s power in numbers

In a call to action to their fellow students, sixth formers Reagan and Sophia, both members of the GDST’s new Eco Society, say that with greater scale comes hope, and an opportunity to make real and lasting change.

Helping your child understand Covid and how to cope with a Covid Christmas

The much-anticipated GDST Talks series kicked off with psychologist Dr Deborah Woodman advising parents on how to help their children through the pandemic – and she had some advice for the festive season, too.

David Attenborough films should be mandatory in schools

Not even the best science teachers can recreate the drama and scope of David Attenborough’s documentaries, says Emily Gunton, in an article first published in TES.

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