Class of 1980 returns to Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School was delighted to welcome back the Class of 1980 last weekend for tea and tours of the school. 

In the year that John Lennon was assassinated, Mt St Helen’s erupted, the Pac-Man video game was released and the Rubik’s Cube became popular, the Class of 1980 left Portsmouth High School. The ladies returned to school and reminisced about their time at the school thirty-six years ago and visited both the new and older parts of the school. There was delight and a sense of nostalgia as they remembered lessons and teachers and recalled conversations that had long been forgotten.

Mrs Tracey Clarke-Sullivan (neé Clarke) said: ‘It is fascinating to find the old school moulded into the new and a wonderful selection of new subjects being studied. I was very happy here and I have very happy memories of my time at Portsmouth High School.’

‘The trip today has literally wiped away the years,’ added Mrs Susan Morvan (neé Gamblin) who was Head Girl in 1980. ‘I only remember the good times that I had here. I remember looking out of the window from our English class and being able to see the Isle of Wight and watch the ferries go by. I’ve been up to that classroom today and you can still see the same view.’

The ladies enjoyed looking at the memorabilia from their years at school including photographs of the Duchess of Gloucester opening the ‘New Hall’ in 1976.

The Headmistress, Mrs Jane Prescott, who showed the girls around the school, said: ‘It is always a delight to show former pupils around the school and hear their stories of their time spent here.  We welcome back all former pupils to the school and are so pleased when they stay in touch.’