Creativity and coding combine at Wimbledon High

Last week, students at Wimbledon High School took part in a fantastic Microsoft-led STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) event.

The event offered a fantastic opportunity for Computer Science students in Years 10 and 11 to apply what they have learned in programming and sensors using the microbit and showcase STEAM at the school.

The challenge set by the Microsoft team was to come up with a design for road safety, employing microbits to turn traffic lights on, sense oncoming traffic and lower and raise barriers.

Students were given free rein in what they designed. For Kitty J and Alex M, they were inspired to create a game, whereby if you followed the road rules you would get more points. Katrina S and Arianna T worked across year groups and used three microbits as sensors in their design.

“Our girls were ambitious and came up with some complicated programming” said Mr Sajadah, Head of Computer Science at the school. “They were imaginative in their coding and in the physical building of their designs. It was great to see them so enjoying applying their knowledge in this way.”

Head of Physics Ms Goakes added: “We’re used to seeing girls be creative in art, drama and music; it was wonderful to see them show their creativity in a different way, through STEAM. These were the beginnings of electrical engineering skills that they were using.”