Elsie’s Story – Coronawho?

GDST alumna Dr Hannah Smith (Sutton High School), now a GP in London, has collaborated with two old school friends and medical colleagues to produce a new children’s book, explaining Coronavirus and its impact for pre-schoolers.

The illustrated e-book has been written to help guide and reassure young children – rather than going for the science-explaining route – and follows the story of Elsie, as she and her family navigate these unchartered waters.

“Speaking about the project, Hannah said, “After lamenting the lack of material about Coronavirus for our own pre-school aged children, we decided to write something ourselves. We’ve had a phenomenal response so far and most importantly, have had some really moving and profound messages about how it is helping the youngest of children to process these strange times and new rules, which of course was our first intention!”

With the success of the e-book, the team are now considering going into print, and translating Elsie’s story into different languages.

Follow the link to read more about Coronawho?

More about the authors:

  • Dr Claire Standley, a global public health researcher who specialises in infectious disease preparedness and response.
  • Dr Hannah Smith (nee Tetlow), an NHS GP with a special interest in paediatrics and psychology, and a fondness for drawing.
  • Dr Eleanor Southgate, a GP in training and Academic Clinical Fellow in Primary Care.