The Emerging Talent Award for Technology in 2015 – Winners’ updates


The GDST and the alumnae judging panel are delighted at how much the two winners of the first Emerging Talent Award 2015 have achieved in the last 18 months. It is clear that their careers in technology are going from strength to strength and they are providing much needed inspiration for girls to pursue their technology ambitions.

Zita Jessop (South Hampstead, 2004)

Zita is an Academic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Registrar, part the Reconstructive Surgery & Regenerative Medicine (ReconRegen) Research Group at the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery and Swansea University. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Scientists and Engineers working towards clinical translation of tissue-engineered solutions. The objective is to combine cartilage derived stem cells with natural printable bioinks for 3D bioprinting personalised cartilage constructs for facial reconstruction.

With the GDST Emerging Talent Award in 2015, Zita has been able to attend the 3D Bioprinting Course at Utrecht University, which was instrumental in providing her with 3D biomanufacture expertise for her work on the project. She has presented at 14 national and international conferences allowing her to gain bioprinting, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering expertise. Her research position has now been funded for a further three years through a Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship.

Charlotte Burmester (Royal High School Bath, 2009)

Since receiving the funding to support her work in schools and to run IT lessons in the local community, Charlotte has greatly increased her involvement with IT teaching in local schools in New South Wales. This has included running a Code Club training session for 20 teachers from across the state and enabled her to attend Digital Technologies curriculum training days and build her education networks. These networks have enabled her to reach over 1,000 children that are now benefitting from improved IT teaching. In addition to supporting education, Charlotte continues to host iPad training sessions at the local library throughout the last 18 months. These courses have been extremely popular and have been extended to Android/Windows Tablet courses as well.

Thank you to our alumnae judging panel and the corporate support of 1E, Softwire and Memset for making this award possible.