GDST Alumnae Networking Evening — Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship

In June 2024, we welcomed 60 alumnae and staff from across 21 GDST schools for our London networking event at the offices in Victoria, London. Alumnae from over 40 different industries gathered together and enjoyed a talk from Portsmouth High School alumna Fleur Emery Rice.

Known as ‘Start-up royalty’ and award-winning founder of REALWORK, Fleur has devoted her career to empowering women to do their own thing. She highlighted the importance of women gathering, sharing space, and supporting each other.

“Businesses founded by women are 21% more likely to be profitable and 27% more likely to create social value” — Fleur Emery Rice, Portsmouth High School alumna and award-winning founder of REALWORK

Citing the Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, a 2019 government report, Fleur noted that businesses founded by women are 21% more likely to be profitable and 27% more likely to create social value. She passionately believes that women and female founders have the power to change the world. 

Fleur also shared her journey with ADHD, explaining how embracing her unique working style has led to a successful career, despite not conforming to traditional standards set by a male-dominated society. Fleur believes that confidence, knowledge and networks are the crucial areas where women need support and networking through the GDST is a fantastic way to grow in these areas. Fleur’s keynote was followed by thought provoking questions from the audience including some women sharing their experiences of working in their industries. 

After the speech, attendees gathered to reflect on Fleur’s words and exchange stories, embracing her advice to support and encourage one another. 

The GDST Alumnae Network

The GDST Alumnae Network is the largest organisation of its kind in the country. There are over 100,000 GDST alumnae from across our family of 25 all-girls schools and the network is increasing every year.

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