GDST | Book Award Ceremony at Portsmouth High School

GDST Book Award Ceremony Portsmouth at High School

Portsmouth High School were host to the GDST Book Award last week when Lisa Heathfield was given her prize for winning the 2017/18 award with her novel Paper Butterflies. Seven Year 9s from Brighton & Hove High School attended and had the added bonus of travelling back with Lisa on the train to Brighton. All current Year 8s are invited to read this year’s shortlisted titles and to attend next year’s ceremony. 

Paper Butterflies, Lisa’a second novel, is about June, a girl who lives a dark, and secret, life at home with her stepmother and stepsister, and it’s a life not even her dad has any idea about. She feels as trapped as a butterfly in a net, until she meets Blister, a boy in the woods. June sees a tiny glimmer of hope that she might soon be able to fly away and be free, but at what cost could that freedom come?