GDST | Croydon High School Quidditch Day

Croydon High hosted their first ever GDST Quidditch day. They invited Sydenham High and Streatham & Clapham Prep to join them in this exciting sport – popular with witches, wizzards and muggles alike! They kicked off the day creating broomsticks and meeting new friends before playing in their Hogwarts Houses. They spent some time in the lecture theatre where Ellie and Seanna from Year 6 shared their very own ‘How to Play Quidditich’ video, which gave those new to game an idea of what lay ahead. With broomsticks and a rudimentary understanding of the rules, they headed outside for the training sessions. In their Hogwarts House Teams the girls started to build up the game, which comprised of a mixture of handball, dodgeball and tag rugby. The girls managed fantastically and before long were passing the ‘Quaffle’, dodging the ‘Bludger’ and chasing the ‘Golden Snitch’.

Following lunch, they started their Quidditch festival afternoon. Teams from Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw competed for the much anticipated Croydon High medals. And after a tense roundrobin and three knockout matches the overall victors were Hufflepuff. Every visitor left with great memories, new friends and a new experience of a brand new sport which they all enjoyed thoroughly.