GDST girls around the world- Katie Jenkins

Katie Jenkins, Howell’s, The Aline Cholmondeley Scholarship

“During the summer of 2018, I was fortunate to undertake a number of musical projects. I am a young composer from Howell’s School Llandaff and I now study at The Juilliard School, New York City under Dr. Christopher Rouse.The experiences I had during the summer helped to fuel my musical inspiration and productivity. I was able to attend Cheltenham Composer’s Academy which was hugely stimulating and influential. I was able to gain access to a series of industry professionals during a series of panel talks that discussed both craft and contemporary music aesthetics, alongside career development. The course was directed by composer Michael Zev Gordon, Professor of Composition at the University of Birmingham, but the other composers whose music I became familiar with were Kerry Andrews, Sarah Rimkus, Eddie Parker, Nico Muhly and Michael Berkeley.

I had the opportunity to observe working rehearsals with the Juice Vocal Ensemble, which includes Kerry Andrew (composer and judge of BBC Young Musician) and a flute, clarinet an piano trio. At Cheltenham Academy, I had numerous opportunities to hear world Premiers and concerts of extremely contrasting genres which really got my creative juices flowing! One of the first pieces I witnessed was Colin Riley’s ‘In Place’. It is a multi-media song-cycle; 10 songs each setting new texts and mixing live performance, field recording and electronics. The work explores a sense of place in the British Isles; how it informs our cultural identity; shapes our language and dialects; provides both solace and stimulation and contains histories both universal and personal.


Finally during the break, I was able to give violin lessons at Forte School of Music, a music school aimed at young students situated just outside Cardiff city centre. This is in fact where I began my musical journey and so it was very rewarding to give something back to the school that set up my musical ears and inspired me to strive deeper into the subject.

I woud like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank everyone involved with the Aline Cholmondeley Travel Award. It really helped me to fulfill these wonderful experiences. They propelled me in to a field of current professionals who will be colleagues for live; building a network like is invaluable and you never know when it will come into its own! It was a summer of inspiration and dedication. I experienced an incredible learning curve that placed me in a great mindset to begin the term at The Juilliard School.”