GDST Head Girls write to their future selves on 150th anniversary

As we celebrate 150 years of educating girls in England and Wales, we also celebrate our Head Girls past and present, who represent all that girls can achieve both during and after school. Some of our current 2022/23 Head Girls have written a letter to the person who will be in their position in ten years’ time – during the GDST’s 160th anniversary.

In each letter, they share some advice on leadership. Of the beautiful pearls of wisdom we received from the leaders of tomorrow, these timeless words rang out:     

Being a Head Student encompasses everything that it means to be part of the GDST. It means being part of a community, supporting and lifting everyone else up whilst furthering yourself in the process. It means promoting the idea that we shouldn’t be limited in life because of how we choose to identify, but rather, that we should be defined by the way in which we choose to act towards and to treat others.” – Megan Cheadle, Head Student, Howell’s School, Llandaff   

“So far, in the GDST’s 150th year, we’ve recently witnessed a global pandemic, an attack on Ukraine and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. All of these experiences have taught me and the team what good leadership should (and shouldn’t) look like; we’ve learnt that kindness and service to others are paramount when effecting positive change in the world.” – Elina, Ameeya, Anvi and Resham, Head Student Team, Northwood College for Girls

“Assuring that you practise humility throughout your time as Head Student is essential to becoming a successful leader as it will allow you to ask for help and support from your team when needed. Do not put excessive pressure on yourself by expecting that you will be able to complete every task by yourself.” – Aini Khan, Head Student, Blackheath High School 

“Enjoy your time in this role! You have been given the opportunity to make one final impact upon your school, before moving on to the next chapter of your academic career. So take action and make real change.” – Yasmin Davies, Head Girl, The Belvedere Academy