GDST in the news – Spring 2016

Over the past four months GDST experts have been quoted extensively in the media.

Kevin Stannard, the GDST’s Director of Innovation & Learning, has a regular column in the TES online. You can read a selection of his recent articles here:

Why child-centred learning is not to blame for the rise of ‘no-platform’ student movements

The new national curriculum has dire consequences for the humanities

We’re looking at a huge vote of no confidence in reformed A levels

The exam reform process has been like driving a coach and horses through the education system

Why do we allow a limited suite of qualifications to dominate the way we think about education?

A guest blog post from Oona Carlin, Head of Ipswich High School for Girls, celebrating the variety offered by private schools featured on the Daily Telegraph website.

A guest blog post from Helen Fraser about the benefits of single-sex schools for girls in terms of academic achievement featured on the Daily Telegraph website.

An article in the Guardian about ‘massively’ improved state schools threatening the private sector included positive comments from Helen Fraser.

Part of an ITV Tonight programme titled ‘Kids vs Career – Having it All?’ was filmed at Putney High School. It included a brief interview with Helen Fraser and an excellent discussion from some Putney High School students about balancing career and family life.

An article by Helen Fraser about the importance of sustainability in schools featured in Independent Education Today.

Following an exclusive interview, the TES quoted Helen Fraser in two articles about the importance of parents reading aloud to teenagers.

Jennifer Smith, Headteacher of Brighton & Hove High School, offered her views on exam league tables and ‘value added’ in an article in Independent Education Today.

Dr Millan Sachania, Head Master of Streatham & Clapham High School, responded to comments that independent schools have a “grip” on Oxbridge in an article in the Times Higher Education. Letters on illiteracy and innumeracy were also published in the Telegraph and the Times.

Two letters from Jane Prescott, Headmistress of Portsmouth High School, on children’s use of social media and keeping children safe online were also published in the Telegraph.

An article in The Times about private schools’ surprise tests weeding out over-tutored pupils included comments from Jane Lunnon, Head of Wimbledon High School.

A debate in the Spectator about whether single-sex schools are good for girls included positive comments from Helen Fraser.

An article in the Mirror about the 14 ‘hero’ schools with the best GCSE results in England, despite being in the most deprived areas, includes a reference to The Belvedere Academy.

Wimbledon High School, and its Head, Jane Lunnon, were quoted extensively in a range of articles about the school’s plans to help girls cope with disappointment and difficulties in their friendships. Reports and comments appeared in the Evening Standard, The Times, the Daily Mail, Yahoo, The Telegraph, Elle, Red, Huffington Post, and there were further comments in The Times, the Telegraph and Stylist. Jane also appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ discussing the issue.

Jane was also quoted in an article on ‘digital grounding’ in the Times.

Helen Fraser also wrote for the Telegraph on the importance of schools maintianing a sense of perspective when it comes to policing uniform rules.

And finally…

A letter to The Times from Tom Holland, of Northampton High School’s Classics department, questioned whether in certain circumstances a Tyrannosaurus Rex should actually be referred to as a ‘Tyrannosaura Regina’.