GDST student stars in Malory Towers

Ella Bright, a student at South Hampstead High School, is playing Darrell Rivers in the BBC’s modern adaptation of the Enid Blyton classic.

A student at South Hampstead High School has the lead role in the BBC’s modern adaptation of Malory Towers. Ella Bright, currently in Year 8 at SHHS, stars as 12-year-old Darrell Rivers, the main character in Enid Blyton’s classic boarding-school adventure stories. The BBC has brought forward the screening of the 13-episode drama; when Blyton wrote Malory Towers after the second world war she injected tales of hope and camaraderie into it to reflect a Britain coming together after a time of crisis, the BBC clearly hopes its new adaptation will do the same during the Corona Virus outbreak.

Ella Bright said she sees Darrell as a modern character and “quite a feminist role model”, which was “a good message for young children, especially young girls”. “She is a strong, kind and loyal character, who sometimes has a hot temper, and always seems to know what’s best. She has a big heart and always tries to do the right thing. People really look up to her for being such a kind, positive and happy person. They see her as a strong leader,” she said.

All episodes are currently screening in the BBCs iPlayer here