High-fliers at Croydon High

On Thursday 25th January, ten pupils in Year 7 at Croydon High School took part in a build-a-drone workshop delivered by Global Air Media. The workshop began with an interesting discusion about some of the privacy and security concerns around drones, as well as their varied use in industry.

The girls then moved on to constructing some mini-quadcopters. After assembling the many pieces, it was time to get to grips with the controls – which was no easy task! The challenge was to fly through two hoops and land on the helipad – this often resulted in drones crashing into the ceiling and then the floor!

However, after some practice, the girls’ control had improved and they had a great time. The school is grateful to Eno Umoh and Victor Ekanem from Global Air Media for running the workshop and to Louise Thompson and Tim Gershardson from the US Embassy for helping to organise the event.