How I attained a commercial pilot’s licence at 20

Eva Keen, Notting Hill & Ealing High School alumna and winner of the GDST’s 2023 Trailblazer of the Year award, is a commercial airline pilot with easyJet. She shares some of the rules she’s lived by, that have taken her so far, so quickly, in her career.

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Communication is key

In the aviation world, effective communication is not merely a practice but a lifeline in challenging situations. Active listening and clear expression become pillars of successful relationships, personal and careerbased. Much like a well-coordinated flight crew, clear communication ensures effective decision making, ease of working in a team and most importantly – safety.

Embrace uncertainty

In the dynamic world of aviation, embracing uncertainty is not just a necessity but a mindset that propels growth. Unforeseen challenges, much like turbulent weather, are inevitable. However, cultivating the ability to perceive these challenges as opportunities to learn and
adapt creates both personal and professional development. Drawing inspiration from aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, who fearlessly flew solo across the Atlantic, embracing
the unknown can lead to extraordinary achievements.

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Continuous training, continuous confidence

Regular training is mandatory for a pilot’s career. This not only sharpens skills but also instils confidence. Confidence derived from competence extends beyond the cockpit, empowering you to confront challenges without fear. Commitment to training reinforces a mindset of self-improvement, contributing to personal and professional success.

Prioritise yourself

Self-care as a fundamental rule of living. Guard your physical and mental well-being, recognising that nurturing yourself empowers resilience and fulfilment. Set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance between personal needs and external demands like work commitments. Remember, by prioritising your well-being, you lay the foundation for a more positive and rewarding journey.

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