How the GDST promotes kindness

Tomorrow, 13 November, is World Kindness Day; a moment designed to spread compassion, generosity and leading by example.

At the Girls’ Day School Trust, kindness is embedded in our culture. We celebrate kindness. We shine a light on acts of kindness. We remind our students every day to be kind to others and consider things from their perspective.

We understand that kindness begins with self. If you are unable to show compassion and care for yourself, you cannot offer kindness to others. This is why GDST pastoral care programmes put the self front and centre. The GDST prides itself on offering excellent care for all our pupils, equipping girls with the confidence, self-belief, and emotional tools they need to thrive and fulfil their potential. The GDST works alongside the Positive Schools Programme to support teachers’ psychological health, wellbeing and resilience so that we can pass our strength onto the girls we teach.

We recognise that kindness is the cornerstone of our collective wellbeing. We know that one kind act can lead to many more, and as a family of 25 independent schools educating over 19,000 students, the ripple effect of our kind acts has the potential to spread far and wide.

To mark World Kindness Day, and with a nod to children’s book ‘The World Awaits’ by Tomas Roberts, GDST students will each be sending one kind word into the world, in the hope of sparking a chain reaction of positive feelings and good deeds that will brighten people’s day, even beyond our community.

Join us in sending your one kind word into the world this World Kindness Day and help make a difference to the happiness and wellbeing of others.

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