Inspired writing in Junior Schools

Since 2015, a number of GDST Junior Schools have been working with Philip Davis and Laura Mae Brown of Write Inspired to help our teachers develop a more creative approach to literacy, with improved engagement and motivation of the children, thereby improving pupils’ writing and communication skills.

Write Inspired is experiential and immersive, and brings a whole new dimension to creative writing. Phil and Laura tackle the anxiety associated with writing by maximising engagement and injecting creativity, resilience, and purpose into the process.

Write Inspired believes building individuality and confidence in learners leads to a stronger foundation to the teaching of writing and all communication skills. They do this by bringing in songs, sounds, shapes, poems, modelling clay, paint and other resources to ignite children’s curiosity and free their imaginations.

Will Wareing, the GDST’s Deputy Director of Education, with responsibility for Junior and Prep schools, said: “It’s a really fun approach. Seeing the enthusiasm of the girls as they bring a plasticine figure to life or write a haiku based on a collection of sounds is just a delight. They love it!”