Junior school girls step back in time for 140th anniversary celebrations

Junior school girls at Brighton Girls recently stepped back in time as part of the school’s 140th anniversary celebrations. The girls made the most of the opportunity to dress up and get into the spirit of the occasion as they got a taste of a typical school day in 1876. They also got a more literal taste of the times with an appropriately traditional school lunch featuring stew, potatoes and greens followed by a treat of trifle; thankfully there was no gruel on the menu, but there was no salad either!

For obvious reasons, corporal punishment was off the agenda, but staff did get into their roles for the day, offering maths lessons in “old money” pre-decimalisation, rote learning and physical training. Whilst some of the activities were well recieved, most of the girls appreciated how fortunate they were to be at school in 2016!