National Thank a Teacher Day 2022– GDST Girls Celebrate the Educators Making a Difference

26th May marked National Thank a Teacher Day 2022 – here’s the messages from the GDST Family

Every year on National Thank a Teacher Day, messages pour in supporting the teachers making a difference to young lives. It’s also a time of reminiscence for former pupils too. Across our family of 25 schools, current pupils and alumnae have taken the time to send videos of thanks for individual educators.  

Students say thank you to their teachers…

We’ve been delighted to see so many messages from current GDST students.

For instance, some shout-outs celebrate the unique teaching style of Mr Speed, Head of Geology at Sheffield High School, who ‘is really active, and makes every lesson different,’ whilst other students have stepped forward to thank teachers for the way they kept learning going over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alumni remember the teachers whose lessons stayed with them

We know from conversations with our network of former GDST girls, that some of the fondest memories of their school centre around inspirational teachers. Click here to hear from some of our former GDST students who have taken the time to remember their favourite staff.

Watch the GDST girls and alumnae Thank You videos below or view our Instagram Story Highlights.


Find out more about Thank a Teacher Day

To share your own message from yourself or your child, and to find out more about National Thank a Teacher Day 2022, visit the official website.