Norwich High alumnae inspire Sixth Formers to ‘run their own race’

Sixth Form students at Norwich High School for Girls recently enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to quiz ten GDST Alumnae on life after school at a recent event as part of the school’s Inspiring Females programme. The event connected A Level students with school leavers to help prepare them for their future careers.

The panel included alumnae who are currently studying at university as well as those who have already taken their first steps into the world of careers, with individuals working in radio, teaching, sustainability, landscape architecture and social media consultancy.

The girls were given the opportunity to find out more about the pathways of the alumnae through a series of networking activities and were even able to connect with an alumna studying for an MSc in Engineering in Durham through Skype.  

There were many top tips and words of wisdom shared throughout the day, including, ‘Don’t be afraid of failure, it is often a blessing in disguise’, from Pollyanna Watson, (Class of 2016), ‘Go with what feels right and do what you enjoy’, from Elin Roberts (Class of 2014) and ‘Run your own race’ from Gaby Rattner (Class of 2014).

Emily, who left Norwich High in 2009, said of the event, “It was a great experience, and so lovely to speak to the current girls about their plans, dreams and worries. It’s only a shame we didn’t have more time to chat!”

Kirsty von Malaisé, Headmistress of Norwich High, said of the event: “It’s wonderful to see our Alumnae return to the school in order to take part in events such as these, which give an important insight into the experiences our Sixth Formers can expect when they leave school. This is a fantastic opportunity for girls to meet young women who are working or studying within a range of sectors and has really opened their eyes to the breadth of opportunities available.”

The Inspiring Females programme was launched in July 2016 by the staff and pupils of Norwich High School for Girls, and has since connected over 130 passionate people with young women across Norfolk and beyond.

The programme is continuing to grow with further events planned this year such as a STEM event at the John Innes centre in May and the annual three-day Summit in July, and is always welcoming individuals, local schools and organisations to get involved.

You can find out more and register your interest on the Inspiring Females website.