Nottingham Girl’ High School is proud of its girls taking GCSEs this year

The Summer of 2020 is one that will be remembered for lots of reasons. Year 11 girls at Nottingham Girls’ High School (NGHS) will remember it as the end of their GCSE years, and NGHS – part of the GDST – hope they feel proud about everything they have achieved.

nottingham gcse

Despite not taking their GCSE exams, the Year 11s have worked hard over the last two years, and they have achieved excellent results both in and outside of the classroom.

We are particularly proud of their positive attitudes, resilience and the way they have supported each other and the whole school community through the challenges of COVID-19 and lockdown. It is these attributes, alongside their academic excellence, that will enable them to excel in the future.

The enthusiastic way they participated in our Building Bridges courses and embraced the GDST Limitless Learning programme, with curiosity and intellectual rigour, means they have effectively stepped up to A-Level ability already. Their Sixth Form years will be full of challenge, excitement and adventure, and beyond that, the world really is their oyster.

Head, Julie Keller, was delighted to see her Year 11s on this unique GCSE Results Day and expresses her pride at their achievements:

“I am proud of every single one of my NGHS girls. This year, I’m especially proud of those in their exam years. They have shown such resilience and positivity and I hope they are rightly proud of their excellent successes, both academically and personally. I know that they will continue to achieve extraordinary things in all that they do, and their Sixth Form years will be incredibly exciting.”