Nottingham Girls’ Year 11’s triumph with wonderful GCSE results

Another year of disrupted study and another group of resilient Year 11 Nottingham Girls’ students have come into school for their results today.

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We know of course that this is not a usual results day, as externally set exams have not taken place this year, but the pupils have earned their grades through many difficult assessments into which they have put an incredible amount of effort and hard work.

The GDST are always proud of Year 11s, who achieve top GCSE results year on year. This year, more than ever, they should be exceptionally proud of their outstanding achievements. At Nottingham Girls’, they recieved 42.6% at grade 9; 68.7% at grade 8-9; 89.8% 7-9 and 98.4% at grades 6 – 9 (the equivalent of a high B to an A* in the previous system).

All of the Nottingham Girls’ Year 11s have remained positive and enthusiastic through periods during which they have adapted to an ever changing set of circumstances. They have excelled through lockdown with the Guided Home Learning programme, adjusted to being back in school with bubbles and social distancing and even continued their studies through periods of self isolation. Results received today form only part of the bigger picture of how amazing our girls have been.

Our Head, Mrs Keller, says:

“I can’t really put into words the pride and admiration I have for these pupils. They have had so much to deal with and they’ve done phenomenally well to achieve such wonderful results. I hope they feel proud that all of their hard work has been recognised. They can now go on and achieve even greater success in the Sixth Form, proud in the knowledge that they did so well during such a difficult time.”


So going forward, we wish them all well in their continuing studies in the Sixth Form, a time when they pursue their passions and develop their leadership qualities even further. We are truly proud of all of them. The future is looking bright and we can’t wait to see what the next chapter of our pupils’ educational journey holds.