Nottingham pupils make someone’s day

Junior School pupils at Nottingham Girls’ High School are busily writing Christmas cards to elderly alumnae and former staff as part of a Christmas Kindness initiative.

christmas kindness

Junior School students at Nottingham Girls’ High School are spreading a little Christmas kindness this festive season. Girls in Years 2-6 are ‘making someone else’s day’ by writing cards to alumnae over the age of 80, to donors and to members in the Former Staff Association. A total of 149 Christmas cards will be posted this year.

At Nottingham Junior School the girls follow the RECIPE for success (Resilience, Empathy, Creativity, Initiative, Positive, Excellence). Girls aged 6 to 11 will be taking part in the Christmas Kindness handwriting competition in class, with certificates awarded by class teachers to celebrate excellence, effort and progress. This will involve writing short, personal positive messages to elderly members of the schools’ alumnae community, to be included in Christmas cards from NGHS.

“My card was received with great joy”

Mr Cox, a teacher at NGHS, who helped co-ordinate the project, said: “We feel this is so important to do, especially as many members of our community have spent a lot of time this year having to isolate. We would like to make this an annual initiative to spread kindness with a personal message to our fantastic community. We know that the girls will enjoy writing them as much as the recipients will enjoy receiving them.”

Some of the Year 6 pupils commented:

“I feel that writing a card for someone who may be alone for Christmas will fill them with joy as they know someone cares – it’s an important time of year to spread goodwill.” Sumanveer, Year 6

“We enjoyed showing acts of kindness in our writing and putting smiles on other people’s faces; we wanted to show empathy to those who might need some cheering up at Christmas.” Nancy, Year 6

“Reaching out to our alumnae and school donors has really made me feel like I’m doing something good for someone who may not have seen their family for a very long while; in a time like this it’s really important.” Ruqaiyah, Year 6

Some of the alumnae who have received a card have replied:

Dear Nancy, aged 11

Thank you for your Christmas card. It was so kind of you to write and very interesting to hear how things are going at school.

I hope you will have a lovely Christmas holiday.

NGHS alumna 1958


Dear Sir/Madam

Yesterday, I was delighted to receive a card from one of your Year 4 pupils, and I would very much like to acknowledge it, if that is permitted. Her card was received with great joy.

NGHS alumna 1958


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please could you pass on our thanks to Bluebelle (year 4) for the lovely Christmas card she sent to my Mother. It was a very informative and well written letter to accompany the card, and please congratulate Bluebelle on her excellent handwriting!

Happy Christmas to you all,

Son of alumna 1957