Oxford High School boasts its best results for several years

Oxford High School boasts its best results for several years

By nearly all measures, Oxford High School has had a record year in its A-level results!

  • 61% of students achieving at least one A*
  • 20% achieving a clean sweep of A*s
  • 41.9% of all grades achieved were A*
  • 77.1% being A*-A.
  • A*-B being 92.2%.  

With such a fantastic set of grades, there are now huge opportunities for Oxford High School students to study at top Universities. From the 56 students in the year, more than one fifth of them will be leaving their school to study at Oxbridge, Cambridge or Ivy League Universities, and a further two thirds will be taking up places at Russell Group Universities.   

Of this year’s results, Deputy Head, Dr Peter Secker said:

 ‘These results are a huge testament to the hard work and sheer appetite for knowledge of this exceptional year group – as well as to the amazing ability of our staff to draw out the very best performance from each student.’ Director of Sixth Form, Miss Rachael Pallas-Brown echoed these sentiments, adding, ‘It is a source of great and lasting pride to everyone who has known and taught these wonderful students to see them leaving us on such a positive note – and we know they will continue to rise up and make their voices heard across a multitude of career paths and vocations within private and public life.’