Oxford High School GDST students celebrate their achievements after a challenging few years.

Oxford High School has a strong track-record for excellent exam results and this year is no different despite the significant challenges that they have faced. Recent years have seen the school’s pastoral team provide additional support, given the disruption caused by the pandemic. Specifically, this year’s A-Level students faced more pressure than previously, with it being the first time the students have undertaken formal exams, following lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

The progressive and ambitious decisions of Oxford High School GDST’s A-Level students are reflected in the variety of choices they’ve made about what to move on to next, ranging from Acting to Economics, Art to Linguistics, Classics to Geography, and lots in between. A particular strength is Modern Foreign Languages, where 12 students will be going on to study languages including Korean French, German and Chinese at institutions such as the Universities of Oxford, Sheffield, Bristol and University College London.

Demonstrating Oxford High School and its students’ strengths in STEM subjects, university places have been offered and successfully accepted for subjects such as Medicine, Dentistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Biomedical Genetics and Architecture. The Arts remain a strong subject too, with several students heading off to Art Foundation courses.

Destinations are just as varied as subjects with students heading off to Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Loughborough, Durham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and University College London.

Rachael Pallas Brown, Director of Sixth Form said: “The news for these students today is a testament to their dedication and adaptability, that they were able to overcome the challenges that have faced all A-Level students across the country this year. We worked closely with the students to ensure we supported them as fully as possible, both during the exam period itself and in all their preparation beforehand. We have a brilliant team of teachers at the school, who were all on-hand to support the students – particularly our Sixth Form tutors who provided regular mentoring and guidance to all students – and the results are clear to see!”

Marina Gardiner Legge, Headmistress, said,

“I’ve been so impressed by the thoughtful, calm and poised way this year group approached their exams. These results show what bright futures they have ahead of them; they are great young people who have demonstrated terrific resilience and courage.”

She continued, “From the innovators coming up with time management apps, conferences led and websites built by students, to the sporting heroes (clearly ready to follow in the footsteps of the Lionesses!), my pride in this group of sparky young people is only matched by my excitement at what they will do next.

“The increased demand we have for Sixth Form places every year – from within the school and new students alike, is a testament to the support, opportunities and experiences we offer to the bright and the ambitious. I am so grateful to all our staff, our parents and everyone in our community who has worked so hard to support them. Today we focus on the individual stories of each one of our pupils, who have overcome their challenges with determination and grit. We are all extremely proud of each and every one of them.”