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Shortlisted – Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2022

11 GDST schools have been shortlisted for Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2022. These highly-regarded awards recognise and celebrate the…

150 Years of GDST: How we’re continuing to help girls learn without limits

In 2022, the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) turned 150 years old. Throughout the upcoming academic year, we’ll be celebrating…

150 Years of GDST: Celebrating a milestone in girls’ education

The GDST’s Chief Executive leads the birthday celebrations for the family of girls’ schools and looks to another 150 years in making girls’ futures.

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day at GDST – advice from leading women in the space industry

Today marks International Women in Engineering Day, honouring the best female minds in engineering and the wider STEM community. At…

The GDST Space Technology Diploma

GDST students participated in the GDST Space Technology Diploma for the inaugural, end of year student conference. Full story.

Sixth former at Croydon High school wins GDST Minerva Prize

Head Girl at Croydon Upper Sixth Form has been awarded the prestigious GDST Minerva Prize.

Raise Her Up: Equal Parenting

We invited UCL’s Dr Charlotte Faircloth on to Raise Her Up to share her research findings and ideas for helping parents to spread the load more equally.

National Thank a Teacher Day 2022– GDST Girls Celebrate the Educators Making a Difference

26th May marked National Thank a Teacher Day 2022 – here’s the messages from the GDST Family

How building a network of fellow women can help you in work and life

The GDST is delighted to partner with Women of the Future to harness the power of a female-focussed network.

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