There’s power in numbers

In a call to action to their fellow students, sixth formers Reagan and Sophia, both members of the GDST’s new Eco Society, say that with greater scale comes hope, and an opportunity to make real and lasting change.

Helping your child understand Covid and how to cope with a Covid Christmas

The much-anticipated GDST Talks series kicked off with psychologist Dr Deborah Woodman advising parents on how to help their children through the pandemic – and she had some advice for the festive season, too.

Leading the way

The GDST’s Future Leaders Week has taken place with more than 100 students in leadership teams from the Trust’s schools…

GDST Giving launched this #GivingTuesday

Today, the GDST is launching the inaugural edition of GDST Giving, a new publication celebrating philanthropic activity across GDST schools in the 2019/20 academic year.

Lockdown letters

South Hampstead High School

At the very start of lockdown when all individuals aged 70 years and over were advised to isolate, South Hampstead…

Recognising outstanding achievement and ambition

In the 2019/20 academic year, 73 girls from across the GDST family of schools received prizes or scholarships. Prizes cover…

Leaving a legacy for future generations of GDST women

Nottingham Girls' High School

The Peggy Mason bursary At the end of the last academic year, Nottingham Girls’ High School received a generous bequest…

Bursaries create lasting impact for musically talented sisters

Three musically talented sisters all attended what was then Brighton and Hove High School (now Brighton Girls) in the 60s…

Academies Fund helps to bridge the digital divide

At the end of March, our philanthropy team launched the GDST Hardship Fund, to support girls whose family’s economic circumstances…

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