Recipient reflections

As our donors, you tell us that the most powerful information we can share with you about the impact of…

Enduring Gifts

A number of GDST schools have benefitted from legacy gifts over the last 12 months – Howell’s in Llandaff, Nottingham, Northwood, Belvedere, Wimbledon, Bromley and Blackheath.

Hopping across the pond: an international collaboration between Northampton High School and students in San Diego

Never mind the green list! Year 6 pupils at Northampton High School have been on an amazing cultural and educational…

Dr Nikki Kanani wins GDST Exceptional Contribution Award

The GDST Exceptional Contribution Award has been awarded to Sutton High School alumna, Dr Nikki Kanani MBE, for the key role she has played in the roll-out of the Covid vaccination programme.

Amy Williams wins this year’s GDST Trailblazer award

Meet this year’s winner of the GDST Trailblazer Award: Shrewsbury High School alumna – and founder and CEO of Good-Loop – Amy Williams.

Nine GDST schools on Independent Schools of the Year shortlist

Nine GDST schools have been recognised in the Independent Schools of the Year shortlist 2021.

How the GDST is preparing girls for their future careers

Work experience placements are long established and valuable resources for our senior and sixth form students to gain insights into…

Samira Ahmed wins this year’s Alumna of the Year

This year’s winner of the GDST Alumna of the Year Award – by one of the largest votes ever – is Wimbledon High School alumna, Samira Ahmed.

Years 5 and 6 winner  Beatrice Voisey

Winners of the Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize

We are delighted to announce the winners of the annual GDST Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize. The Laurie Magnus Poetry Prize…

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