Portsmouth High girls six times better than national average

Portsmouth High girls were jubilant this morning after receiving their GCSE results. The new 9-1 GCSEs did not hold back the young women of Portsmouth High as they achieved six times the national average of top 9 grades being awarded across all subjects.

The school was delighted with 84% of the girls receiving the top grades 9-6. Overall the grades were 98% A*-C/9-5.

There was great success in the STEM subjects with 90% of the girls receiving A*-B in biology, physics and chemistry and 100% A* in Further Mathematics. In English, Spanish and Design Technology there was 90% success rate of girls achieving A*-B grades and there was 100% of girls achieving A* in Latin and Chinese.

‘We credit our success to the hard work of our specialist teachers, disciplined classes and highly regarded, traditional courses, which give our girls a firm foundation for academic excellence,’ said Headmistress, Jane Prescott.

Lucy Rukin, 16, gained 6A*s, an A, and a 6, 8 and 9 in her grades. ‘I am really happy and didn’t expect the grades I got today,’ she said. ‘It has been hard work but it has paid off. I am off now to eat celebratory cake and enjoy the rest of the holidays. I am so excited about coming back for Sixth Form here.’

Abigail Hoper, 16, gained 6A*s, a B and a 7, 8 and 9. ‘I am feeling so pleased,’ she said. ‘It has been really hard work with constant revision but have had amazing support from the teachers. They have helped not just with the learning but with the extra support on making sure we are all fine too.’

Alicia and Natasha Small, twins, aged 16, were equally delighted with their results. Alicia said: ‘I worked extra hard after my mocks and it has all paid off.’  Her twin sister, Natasha added: ‘We are going to celebrate with family tonight after all the revising and hard work.’

Headmistress, Mrs Jane Prescott, added: ‘Girls succeed across the school in all areas including sport, drama and music and today we celebrate those successes too. We are very proud of all the girls who have worked extremely hard this year. The combination of excellent teaching and a commitment to do well has ensured they have got the grades they deserve.’