Potential law students get a taste of justice

On Thursday 25th February, Howell’s School hosted its first “Mooting @ Howell’s” event in partnership with local law firm, Watkins and Gunn. The law firm staged a fake trial for students interested in pursuing a career in law. Peter Bowler (Mrs Norman) was accused of the involuntary manslaughter of John Bowers. Students cross-examined witnesses Audrey Jones (Mrs Davies) and David Howells (Mrs Wilks) as well as the defendant. They then made their closing statements before the foreman of the jury (Mrs Yilmaz) made her verdict, which was “guilty”

The defendant was then sentenced by the judge (Clive Thomas from Watkins and Gunn) to 4 years 6 months in prison. It was a fantastic experience for the students who were able to gain a first-hand insight into the way a trial works. The school would like to thank Watkins and Gunn for making the trial so realistic and such a success.