A rewarding evening for Portsmouth High Junior School girls

This week pupils, staff, parents and friends gathered at Portsmouth High Junior School to celebrate the achievements of girls over the last academic year.

Prizes were awarded for mathematics, writing, science, history, drama, philosophy, fellowship, art and music. There were also prizes for girls from each year for achieving the highest number of house points. Sports prizes were awarded for swimming and sailing and the Victrix Ludorum was presented for the highest number of points achieved on sports day.

Edie M. from Year 6, who was awarded the Douthwaite Writer’s Cup and The Dovercourt Award, said “I felt very proud to receive my award and enjoyed the evening”. Lottie M., also from Year 6, received the Good History Cup and the Victrix Ludorum, added “I enjoyed Awards Evening because it was good to see other people’s achievements. I was pleased to be awarded the history cup because it is one of my favourite subjects but there are other subjects which are my favourites too”.

Headmaster of the Junior School, Mr Paul Marshallsay said  ”Awards Evening is a wonderful time to reflect on the girls’ achievements over the past year. Year 6 will be able to build on their success at the Junior School as they move on to the Senior School in September and I look forward to watching their progress. I am very proud of all the success the girls have achieved this year”.