School pride in GCSE success

Excellent GCSE results were reported today at Newcastle High School for Girls where well over 100 grades have been awarded at the coveted new top grade of 9, way above national percentage of 4% of grade 9s awarded. (Grades 7 to 9 are the equivalent of an A – A* grades in the traditional system with grade 9 being introduced to allow for greater differentiation of the very best candidates at the top level.)

The majority of the GCSE grades awarded to girls at NHSG are in the new 9- 1 grading system, although three of the subjects within the school’s curriculum are still being awarded as A* to C.

Within this context, seven girls at NHSG achieved six or more 9s from their chosen 10 GCSEs and 61% of all grades were awarded at grades 7 – 9 and A _ A*. Four girls achieved a stunning clean sweep of ten top grades (Grades 8 – 9 or A*), Cara Blight, Nancy Charlton, Katie Tiesdell and Beth Tiplady.

There were strong results across the whole range of subjects offered at NHSG with particularly impressive grades reported in Biology, Chemistry, Humanities subjects and Art – once again demonstrating the breadth of the school.

Michael Tippett, who will take up the role of Head of NHSG formally in September said:

“I am so proud of this year group and their achievements in the GCSE examinations in 2018. This set of exams represents considerable change and the girls have really risen to the challenge represented by the more demanding course content and linear exams.

“While the new grading system creates a slightly more confusing picture when presenting results, it is clear that girls at NHSG have done remarkably well at GCSE. Very many congratulations to them all.

“What’s even more important, however, is that the girls’ hard work has prepared them for the rigours of A Level study in our Sixth Form.

“We are now looking forward to supporting the development of both their academic and wider skillset during the next two crucial and final years of these girls’ school lives.”