Self-made Sydenham High alumna publishes definitive startup guide

Sydenham High alumna and successful entrepreneur Bianca Miller-Cole, has added ‘published author’ to her list of skills and achievements.

Bianca, who was a finalist in the 2014 series of The Apprentice and now runs both personal branding company The BE Group and Bianca Miller London hosiery, has just published her first book providing practical advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs.  

Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Startup Success, provides a comprehensive but easy to read toolkit for anyone who wants to make a success of running their own business.

In the book, Bianca de-codes the jargon that is prevalent in business circles to provide straightforward advice on converting an innovative business concept into a commercially viable proposition. Featuring interviews with well-known entrepreneurs and industry experts, the book covers every tier of the business development process, from start-up to exit, offering implementable and global advice for success.

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial household and shown a clear aptitude for becoming an entrepreneur whilst at Sydenham High, Bianca made her business dreams a reality at just 23.  In doing so, she learned her biggest lessons.  “I witnessed first-hand the many pitfalls and potential mistakes that can be made in business.  Conversely, I also saw the success that can come from areas often overlooked in business such as networking, personal branding and mentoring.”

Bianca hopes that the book, along with a programme of Business Mastermind & Mentoring sessions that are being organised to coincide with the launch will help aspiring and new entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.

Self Made has been written jointly with her entrepreneur and philanthropist husband Byron Cole and is published in paperback by John Murray Learning.