Star-studded GCSE results for Blackheath High

Today, students at Blackheath High School celebrated record-breaking GCSE results, with an impressive 67% achieving A*/A grades and the new grade 9 in Maths, counter to reports suggesting that this new higher grade would unobtainable for most.

The school achieved its highest ever % of A* grades: 36%. Students were ecstatic as they learned the results of their studies.

Zoë Hadsell, who gained 10 A* grades, commented: “It doesn’t feel real. Blackheath High is a place where I can do all of the things that I want to do. I love the atmosphere and there is nowhere else where I could achieve what I have.”

Students achieved excellent grades across a range of challenging subjects, for example 83% of English Literature students achieved A/A*grades, 96% of Chemistry were graded A/A* and 90% of all Mandarin results were A/A*. Unusually, the school also offers GCSE in Astronomy to Year 10 students, all of whom achieved A/A*.

Contrary to the national trend, creative arts is also thriving at the school, with 80% the cohort choosing to study a creative or performing art.

Head, Mrs Chandler-Thompson said:  “We know that creativity is the most important leadership quality for employers, so I am delighted that so many of our students choose to study creative and performing arts at GCSE level, and achieve excellent examination results. We pride ourselves on maintaining this breadth in the curriculum, despite the national trend of decline in creative and performing arts.”

Eve Hurst collected her results with her parents, with her mother commenting: “We are totally thrilled! Eve has worked so diligently and the results are fantastic. I owe a huge ‘thank you’ to the school.”

Head, Mrs Chandler-Thompson, is delighted with the the results, saying:

“I congratulate all of our students who have worked so hard to achieve their goals and I thank their teachers who have provided outstanding teaching and excellent pastoral care, to ensure that every single one of our girls reach their goals.

The majority of our students collecting results today have been with us from the age of three, so it is really special to see their achievements.

Every Blackheath High School student is encouraged to be aspirational and believe in themselves from an early stage, so it is really gratifying to see this rewarded.”