Step into dance

Year 2 at Howell’s Prep School learnt the art of stepping to celebrate Black History Month


As part of Black History Month, Year 2 at Howell’s Prep School learnt about the history of stepping, a percussive, high-energy art form in which the body becomes an instrument, using footsteps, hand claps and the spoken word.

Year 2 performed their dance in the sunny playground

Stepping is a form of competitive dance exhibition which developed on African American college campuses. It’s draws on the traditions of competitive drill teams and marching bands as well the movement patterns of African and slave dances and, more recently, African foot dances such as the ‘Welly Gumboot’ dance.

Stepping is now a worldwide phenomenon practised amongst people of all ages from drill teams, churches, high schools to college fraternities and sororities and many more. It helps to create a sense of purpose, unity and camaraderie.

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed following some tutorial videos before taking their stepping outside into the playground where they performed together in the sunshine.