Stepping up

More than 1,000 GDST alumnae are now connecting with each other on a specialised mentoring app.

GDST Rungway peer networkingOne year ago, the GDST teamed up with with the aim of connecting GDST Sixth Formers with the wider GDST alumnae family. Students in Year 12 and Year 13 can use the app for any form of advice, from choosing a possible career path to guidance on which university to attend.

One year on, the app has more than 1,800 users and some 12,000 interactions. And now, the app is offering a new search function, which allows users to search for topics, and see all the great advice on that subject that has already been shared.

GDST Rungway networking

During the past year, many questions have been answered, from requests for relevant work experience to queries on the efficacy of attending university open days in Year 12. There has been advice on volunteering programmes in South America and a discussion on the merits of systems engineering as a career.

Some connections have migrated into real life, too. When a pupil was making enquiries into midwifery as a career, an alumna of her school – now a midwife – picked up her question. Working with the school’s Head of Careers, the two were given the chance to meet face to face and talk about the pros, the cons, and the potential. The student received valuable first-hand information from a trusted source and was able to go on to make a well-informed decision about her future.

Rungway is one of a range of future-focused initiatives for GDST Sixth Formers. All schools offer a highly developed programme of careers advice including GDST programmes such CareerStart and our Insight Days initiative.

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