A superb set of results for Sutton High girls

Sutton High School is celebrating A Level success again this year, with straight A*s and As achieved by 20% of all girls, and a 100% pass rate.

The majority of students have secured their first choice university places, with 50% going on to study Science, Mathematics or Dentistry, and other girls taking a broad range of subjects including History, Languages and Art.

Special congratulations go to Ruth MacLaren, who has won a place on the prestigious and highly competitive BBC Broadcast Engineering sponsored degree and apprenticeship.

The school is especially thrilled with its results for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which gives girls the intellectual freedom to choose their own field of research and conduct independent study. Over 35% of girls achieved A* grades for the EPQ, with subjects including the human brain, the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and English prisons since 1840.

Mrs Katharine Crouch, Headmistress, commented:

“I am extremely proud of all our girls for their A Level results. It is especially impressive that many of our students have achieved such superb results alongside their generous contributions to school life, with exceptional performances in Sport, Music and Drama. This includes our Head and Deputy Head Girls, Lucy Bishop and Aurelia Finch, who achieved straight A*s and As.

“In addition, I am delighted that over 50% of the AS Levels taken by our girls were awarded an A grade. In a year when students have been studying a mixture of new and existing specifications in Year 12, our results are strong across the board.

“Congratulations to all girls for their success, and also to the staff and families who have supported them throughout their time at Sutton High School.”


A*: 13%

A*/A: 43.5%

A*-B: 72.5%

A*-C: 94.2%