Sutton High girls on cloud nine

Girls at Sutton High School were rewarded with a set of fantastic GCSE results in the first year of the new “numbered” grading system. Over 21% of all grades were level 9, which is the best possible mark candidates can achieve.

The Government intends level 9 to go beyond the traditional A* grade, enabling more differentiation between the highest achievers. Level 9 will be awarded to far fewer students than the old A*, and early indications show that only around 4% of GCSE entries nationwide have been graded level 9 this year.

Many subjects are still being assessed using the A*-G categorisation, and Sutton High School girls excelled across both systems. More than 55% of grades were either A*-A or level 7-9, with level 7 being equivalent to an old grade A.

Subjects following the new system included English Language, in which nearly 30% of Sutton High girls achieved the top grade, level 9. In Religious Studies meanwhile, 78% of grades were level 7-9.

Other highlights showed Sutton High’s traditional strength in STEM subjects, with 65% and 56% of Chemistry and Biology students achieving A*-A grades respectively. In History, more than 82% of girls gained A*-A grades.

Mrs Katharine Crouch, Headmistress, commented:

“We are delighted that our girls have taken advantage of the new numbered grading system, which allows the most able students in the country to showcase their ability.

“The level 9 is a mark of truly exceptional quality, and it is testament to the excellence of our students and teachers that more than a fifth of our results reached this gold standard.

“Three girls in the cohort even gained straight level 9s and A*s, a feat achieved by only 729 other pupils across the whole of England.

“I would like to congratulate all pupils and staff on a set of very impressive grades at a time when GCSEs are undergoing their most significant reforms in several decades. Keeping track of the changes and on top of the curriculum has required a high level of focus, and it is very pleasing that our school community has been rewarded with such good results.

“Our aim is that girls at Sutton High School learn with joy every day, and today shows once again that this is the best way to enable students to reach their full potential.”