Sutton High School Class of 1971 Reunion

According to the University of Oxford professor Robin Dunbar, there are 7 pillars of friendship: language or dialect, geography, educational experiences, hobbies and interests, moral or spiritual viewpoints, political views, sense of humour and taste in music.

Sutton High reunion

These 7 pillars were very much in evidence amongst our globetrotting alumnae class of 1971 who attended their 50th anniversary on Saturday 4th March at Sutton High School.  More than forty alumnae came back to school to celebrate what was a golden opportunity to rekindle old friendships and to start new ones.

Anecdotes and tales abounded from far travelled friends who had spread their wings across the globe.  Some members of our class of 1971 alumnae had settled in countries as far afield as Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and mainland Europe.

Our trailblazing alumnae followed wide-ranging career paths, which included, TV producers, scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, industry CEO’s, charity leaders, public servants, entrepreneurs and technology experts as well as several with links to the media and arts.

Sue James, the Sutton High School archivist treated the alumnae to an excellent presentation, summarising what they had achieved during their final school year of 1971. From raising money for the survivors of the devastating Peruvian earthquakes of 1970 to taking part in sponsored walks to raise money for a new school swimming pool, many happy memories came flooding back.

Alumnae who couldn’t make the day in person joined via Zoom which caused a lot of happy tears and delighted reconnections. It was wonderful to see so many warm welcomes and hear so many ‘until the next times’ as opposed to ‘good-byes.’


GDST Alumnae: In Memoriam

The class of 1971 was keen to pay a special tribute to fellow class of 1971 alumna, friend and school benefactor Louise Cooke, a dear friend to many, who sadly passed away on 23 February 2023. RIP Louise Cooke.