Holograms, lava lamps and slime… who said science was boring?


Year 5 girls at Howell’s have visited the Senior School for experiments with the Whizz Bang Science Team.

A Level results celebrate STEM success

By Dr Kevin Stannard

Girls in GDST schools have stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to STEM take-up.

Sutton High girls send iPhone into space

By GDST Sutton High School

Sutton High School for Girls partnered with UK start-up Mous to do an epic 36-kilometer iPhone drop from outside the stratosphere. And to everyone’s amazement, the phone survived!

Excitement and experiments at the GDST Junior Science Conference


Watch the film of a spell-binding day at the Royal Institution in London.

Norwich High leads inaugural Inspiring Females STEM event

By GDST Norwich High School for Girls

New event inspires 250 girls in Norfolk and beyond with breadth of possibilities in STEM.

GDST Junior Science Conference 2018: Curiosity is in our DNA


Year 5 girls engaged in spell-binding experiments and explored their own DNA during a captivating day at the Royal Institution.

Sydenham High girl masterminds UK-wide STEM challenge

By GDST Sydenham High School

A Sydenham High student devises the #700STEMChallenge, a writing competition celebrating all things STEM.

Getting cheeky for Science Week

By GDST Oxford High School

Sixth Formers at Oxford High School offer STEM mentoring for local primary school pupils.

Aspiring Oxford High medics discover more about pathology

By GDST Oxford High School

Budding Oxford High medics get exclusive invite to Royal College of Pathologists.

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