Why I’ll be marching

By Cheryl Giovannoni

It’s so important to stand up for yourself and others, writes GDST Chief Executive Cheryl Giovannoni.

Back to the drawing board?

By Cheryl Giovannoni

According to research by the Institution for Engineering and Technology (IET), toys with a STEM focus are three times as…

Don’t get mad, get organised

By Cheryl Giovannoni

GDST Chief Executive, Cheryl Giovannoni, on the day after the US Presidential election…

Portsmouth High alumnae offer more views on career choices

By GDST Portsmouth High School

“…realise that within a certain career or profession, there are so many avenues you can take, and you don’t need…

Newsreader Charlene White returns to Blackheath High to inspire students

By GDST Blackheath High School

“Just be you, just be great, just be fabulous” pronounced the inspirational journalist, broadcaster and Blackheath High School alumna Charlene…

Croydon High girls inspired by UN Women

By GDST Croydon High School

Croydon High School girls in Years 10-13 recently enjoyed the amazing opportunity to meet Amra Naidoo, the inspirational Communications and Program Development…

What motivates women to choose particular careers? Portsmouth High alumnae offer their views.

By GDST Portsmouth High School

‘I am motivated by the feeling of success and seeing others motivated to succeed…’  Several weeks ago, the Head of…

Portsmouth High asks: What motivates women to choose particular careers?

By GDST Portsmouth High School

‘We only make two key choices in our lives and certainly in our careers – what values we choose to…

Channelling your inner cheerleader

By Helen Fraser

Helen Fraser’s speech to the GDST Annual Conference on Wednesday 15 June 2016. Someone asked me recently whether it felt…

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